Scalp therapy

The scalp is the basement of healthy hair!

It is the responsible for your hair, when your hair is healthy, shiny and when it reflects the light right, so you can say thanks to your scalp! It lies at our heart, that your hair only looks like healthy, it should be healthy! Also it is important for us, that your scalp is resistant to outside influences, which have an effect on your hair and scalp. Each hair takes its origin in the scalp, so it’s only logical, that we have to care the scalp carefully.

In our studio we conduct an analysis, which says us almost exact, where the problems came from and how we have to act with it. After we have a result, it become easier, to find out which products you need for your personally hair and scalp therapy. Locally, we can explain how to use the product to get out of the way problems like split ends or the loss of hair. Of course, the probe will be done in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can get an enjoyable massage. Fix an appointment in our studio, or come across to us spontaneous! We are glad to see you!

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