Epilation / Depilation

Annoying hair on places, where they don’t belong, will be outdated after a visit in our studio for an epilation or depilation. Regularly epilation or depilation awry achieved leads to skin irritations or inflammations.


In our studio we don’t have problems like this. Our professional team knows in every case, what to do, for making you hair free and happy! The depilation will be implemented with warm wax, these leads to much better results. These method is practically pain free, and what is much more important is, that it leaves no marks. It is really a good method, which let you live nearly four weeks shave-free.

The epilation by comparison is more intensive. Here, you can decide how deep the epilator gets under the skin, to grasp the root of the hair. The process of the grow-again is more slowly, than after shaving. So, you have more time for the nice things of life!

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